The Rich History of Frankie's Frozen Treats

A Legacy of Family, Quality Service, and Tasty Treats

Our mother, Veneranda – a hard-working, independent, single parent moved to this country with four children when we were quite young. Her life was difficult and she selflessly sacrificed for her children. Without question, her family always came first. She married our stepfather, Frankie, when we were young. He was truly the father we always needed and longed for. Dad was the most loving, generous, kind, honest, and hard-working man we’d ever known. He wanted us to earn our honor and feel pride in the work we did, in and outside of our household. We knew our mother couldn’t do everything alone, so our parents started a small ice cream truck business and we spent countless hours after school and during the summer doing everything we could to help out in the truck. Our father, an intelligent and driven man, began working with a successful company and eventually we stopped running the ice cream truck. However, we knew their success was our success and that the responsibility and work ethic that we fostered and developed while working with them created the drive and strong character for business that we’ve all carried over into adulthood.

As adults, we all worked for different corporations, but were feeling unfulfilled. We all had the drive, intelligence, ambition, and ability to run our own businesses, but weren’t sure what venture to embark on. During this time, our parents were getting ready to retire and we tried to see if Dad wanted to run an ice cream truck again, now that he and mom were older and in need of a hobby. In 2010, an unexpected and tragic accident robbed us of our patriarch and left us with a disabled matriarch. With our father gone, we knew that we would all assist our mother again, much like we did when we were kids. It was immediately after this life-changing event that my sister and I decided that an ice cream truck business would be the best way to help our respective families and honor our parent’s legacy.

We adopted the name Frankie’s Frozen Treats and promised to always honor his memory by working as hard as he always had. If we adhered to his strict ethics and followed his strong moral compass, we knew we would have a sturdy foundation on which to build a growing business. Today, we have two trucks crossing state lines setting new standards of excellence for modern dessert trucks. We create and sell high-quality products at affordable prices for all our patrons. We’ve worked hard to maintain the integrity and business model our father fostered in us. We work every day knowing that he raised us to be the successful business owners we are today – full of pride in our work, honor in our products, and loyalty and dedication to our customers.